Simple Tips To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

By Maha Noor - Wednesday, 4 May 2016 8 Comments
As the name depicts, a mobile-friendly website is a site, which is specially designed for the mobile users. In this digital era, you cannot deny the fact that the numbers of mobile visitors are more than the desktop visitors. If your site is not mobile-responsive, so, chances you are losing a number of customers. Does your website offer an optimized mobile experienced to your valued customers or not? No, so, what are you waiting for?
Competition is too high and if you are not capable of fulfilling the demand of your customer, then they have definitely moved to another site, without even wasting a single minute. Don't worry, it's better to be late than never. On the off-chance, you are planning to design a mobile-friendly website, so, the following simple tips will help you to complete this task.

Start with a mobile first approach: Always design a site for your mobile first and then scale up and design it for the desktop version. It's because if the text, logo, design, images or other elements are easy to fix as per the screen size, then you should not have any issue with the desktop site.

Think with your thumb: Another important thing you should remember while design a mobile-friendly site is that your site is completely navigable with one thumb.

Focus on simple design: Always remember that simplicity is the best policy. Make sure that your mobile-friendly site or even your desktop site is very simple and stylish as well because an overloaded site may distract the attention of customer from the actual objective.

Keep your content short and sweet: No doubt, content is the king of your website and most of the people fall in love with it if they seem it interesting and informative in sweet and short manner. So, always try to say more in fewer words.

Give breathing room to your customer: An important thing, which you cannot ignore while designing a mobile-friendly site is that you should give enough space in between your text or images. This will help your customer to understand what you are talking about.

Don't use Flash: Always keep in mind that some mobile devices do not support flash. And if your site is based on it, then it's not going to display properly. It is an obsolete technology and nobody loves it. So, don't use it, while designing a mobile-friendly website.
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8 comments to ''Simple Tips To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly"

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